Door Interlock System

Clean Room Interlock System

Approx Price: Rs 19,500 / Piece 

Multi Door Interlock System controls the locking of two or more doors, such that if one door is open or unlocked, the remaining doors refuse access.Door Interlocking system for pharma industry. Door Interlocking for Security Industry. Clean Room Interlocking system for ATM management company. door Interlock system for Cash in Transit companies. door Interlocking system for Cash Pick up, door Interlocking System for Secure Vaulting. door Interlocking System for banking Industry. door Interlock system for Air locks. Door Interlock system for Air Showers. door Interlock system for Sterile Air flow. Each door is electrically locked and monitored. The control electronics then generates a control signal to indicate when the door is closed and secure. Each controller also has a control input that will prevent the releasing of the locking device. By cross connecting these control signals, the door controllers communicate the door status and only open one door at any given time.
6DR to 12 DR


Pharma labs, Secure Vaults, Bank Vaults, Lockers, Research Labs, Operation Theatres, Sterilized Areas / Zones and many other places.

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