Auto Slide Gates Swing Gates And Boom Barrier

Automatic Sliding Gate System

Approx Price: Rs 39,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Features: • New design and integrated control system without installing remote controller • Totally integrated electrical mechanical system (excludes racks) • Control board interface for optional impact-proof infrared photocells • Alarm lamp interface • Automatic delayed closing • Adjustable resistance sensitivity • Auto gate stop and re-open when an obstacle is encountered • Wireless remote control or wired remote control are optional Specifications: · Rated Voltage: 240V 50Hz · Electric Motor: 220V AC · Rated Motor Power: 350 W · Gear Modulus: M=4 · Max Loading Weight: 1200 Kg · Open/Close Speed: 12m/min · Output Speed: 50r/min (+&-10%) · Output Torque(N.m): 16.8-32 N.m · Limit Switch Type: Magnetic/Spring · Max Thrust: 1100 N · Noise: =&<55dBa · Working Temperature: -20 to +55) deg Celcius Duty Cycle: 80%
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: OFSG-A2203

Automatic Boom Barrier

Approx Price: Rs 53,500 / Unit(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)


· 100% duty cycle operation with 5 million MTBF

· Easy installation and maintenance reduces your labor cost

· Heavy-duty and simple-design housing

· System automatically self-checks operation status and reports errors

· Sine lever drive mechanism ensures smooth landing of boom without shaking

· Anti-collision protects boom arm and vehicle (optional)

· Automatically close after the given time

· Automatically close or open by loop detector (Optional)

· Manually control in case of no power

· Boom open up fully or close down in case of power failure

· Anti-condensation in cold climate

· · The brarrier arm is 90 degrees running which excluding the failure caused 360 degrees running


v Specifications

· Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

· Working temperature: -40 to +40 deg Celcius

· Power of motor: 150W

· Speed of motor: 1400r/m

· Relative humidity: <=90 percent

· Max boom length: 6m

· External dimensions: 103cm *28cm * 35cm

· Remote control distance: <=50m

· Net weight: 55KG

· Protection class: IP55

Automatic Swing Gate Opener

Approx Price: Rs 63,000 / Unit 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Product Details:

Heavy Duty Dual Arms Automatic Swing Gate Opener (OFSWG- C02) This double swing gate opening system is a robust, tuff, long lasting and a quiet opening and closing system for double swing gates up to 3m in length. The motor can handle light and heavy gates. The OFSWG-C02 is a sleek design telescopic linear screw type actuator that is made of stainless steel with a cast alloy motor housing. The two motors make up a durable and powerful 24V unit and the gear box is heavy duty and all gears are constructed of metal (no plastic, fibre or nylon). The OFSWG-C02 is fitted with an emergency manual override on each actuator to allow the user to open the gates manually in case of an emergency such as a power failure situation.

• DC 24V voltage motor that is safe and compatible with back up power supply.
• Copper made worm gear driving design ensures the motor longer working life and extremely quiet.
• Super quick manually release with secure customized key in case of power failure.
• Soft start and slow stop.
• Adjustable opening/closing interval time of double gate leaves.
• Auto-stop if any obstacles detected during operation.
• Built in max motor running time adjustable for multiple safety protection.
• Separately adjust the force of double gate leaves.
• Single leaf or double leaves operation.
• Field tested by EU and US clients with Min 48000 open/close cycles.
• CE Certification
• Easy installation and low maintenance.
• Easy to operate, and easy to connect wired.
• Time Promotation Function: When open gate ,speed is slow, then a little quick, and when close the door, speed is slow again.
• Stop working when gate meets with obstacle.
• In case of power failure, release the clutch easily, and can operate the gate manually.
• Rod's max travel is 300mm.
• Full set use stainless steel alloy material and have water-proof function.
• Use worm gear and worm design inside
• Working life about 8 years.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: OFSWG-C02
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