Wired Intruder Alarm Systems

Vibration Sensor / Vibration Detector

Approx Price: Rs 2,050 / Unit(s) 
Other  Details:

  • Adjustable Dual Sensitivity Range
  • High False Alarm Immunity
  • Selectable LED Indication
  • Surface Mount Technology


  • Mounting: Window Frames, Door, Walls, Roofs
  • Casting: White ABC Body
  • Dimensions: 86mm X 26mm X 25mm
  • Electrical Parameters
  • Supply Voltage: 9V To 16 VDC
  • Current: 10mA Typical
  • Alarm Output: Normally closed potential free contacts.
  • Having rating as 200 VDC, 500mA
  • Alarm Period: 2-4 seconds(typical)
  • Detection LED: Internally linked to enable/disable
  • using jumper setting
  • Detection Method: Piezo Electric Transducer

Intrusion Panel Texecom Veritas

Approx Price: Rs 12,750 / Unit(s) 
    Technical Specifications:

    • 8 Fully Programmable Zones Plus Tamper
    • Upload/download Compatible
    • 8 Channel Communicator Interface With Line Monitor
    • EOL or Normally Closed Zone Operation
    • 4 Programmable Part Set Suites
    • Accepts Up To 6 Remote Keypads (LED or LCD)
    • 8 Programmable Access Codes
    • Full ACPO Compliance & Anti-code Reset
    • 1.2mm Steel Enclosure Also Available
    • 250 Event Log (Time/date Stamped)
    • PD6662:2010 Grade 2 Class II

    Intrusion Panel Texecom Premier 816 Plus

    Approx Price: Rs 10,500 / Piece(s) 

    • 8 zones expandable to 16
    • 4 partitions
    • 32 user codes
    • Integrated communicator
    • Wireless expansion
    • Remote control

    Wired Intruder Alarm System / Burglar Alarm System Ha268

    Approx Price: Rs 16,500 / unit 
    HA 268 is an auto-dialer alarm control panel with 8 hardware protection zones and 2 software zones for panic and duress alarms, which is designed for home and office protections. The system gives local alarm warnings as like the traditional alarm systems as well as sending voice message to 4 telephones of pre-set numbers when alarm occurs. The auto dialer is compatible with all the public telephone systems. The control panel comes with one control console for ready installation.

    Features for alarm:

    • 8 Zones, Programmable for Instant, Delay (2 delay time available), 24 Hour Instant or 24 Hour Silent Alarm Reporting
    • Programmable Master Code and 8 User Codes
    • All User Codes with Duress Function
    • Exit and Entry Warning Beeps On-Off Options
    • Arm-Disarm Ring Back Indication On-Off Options
    • Instant Arming Codes for Home and Away Operations
    • Two On Board Software Zone for Panic and Duress Alarms
    • Maximum 4 Control Keypads Can Be Connected
    • Non-Volatile Memory
    • Can be Arm-Disarmed by Conventional Key Switch
    • Full Feature Default Values in System for Ready Use
    • 12V / 6.5Ah Back-up Battery (Not Included)
    • 16.5VAC Operation
    • Programmable Time for Exit, Entry (2 timings) and Alarm Duration
    • Each Protection Zone is Programmable for Response Time
    • Protection Zones are Programmable for Single or Multiple Triggering
    • Facilities for Driving Siren/Bell, Satellite Siren and Strobe Light
    • Weight: 2.2 Kg (The Control Panel); 220 g (The Keypad)
    • Built-in Dynamic Battery Charger and Tester with Auto or Manual Testing Options
    • Arm-Disarm Control from Keypad or Remotely from Any DTMF Telephone mobile Phone
    • Dimensions: 268(H) X 263(W) X 78(D) mm (The Control Panel); 117(H) X 117(W) X 27(D) mm (The Keypad)


    • Four 32 Digit Telephone Numbers for Auto-Dialer
    • Two 32 Digit Telephone Numbers for Communicator
    • Communicator Data in DTMF Format with Check-sum
    • Tone or Pulse Dialing
    • Programmable Pause Time between Any Digits
    • Voice Message and Numeric Message are Possible
    • Controllable Listen-in Duration
    • Automatic Telephone Line Fault Detection
    • Programmable Dialing Attempts, 8 Maximum
    • Programmable Message Repeats, 8 Maximum
    • Telephone Numbers can be Tested Individually
    • 20 Seconds Non-Volatile User Programmable Voice Message

    Magnetic Sensors Surface Mount Switch

    Approx Price: Rs 415 / Unit 
    Magnetic Sensors Surface Mount Switch PS110Specifications: • Easy Screw & Adhesive tapes (optional) Mounting • Wide Operating Gap: Min 3/4" (19mm) min. • 18" Long Wire Leads • Available in white and brown color

    Magnetic Sensors / Surface Mount Magnetic Switch

    Approx Price: Rs 250 / Unit(s) 

    • Small size
    • Mini Stick-On contact with flange
    • Center leads
    • 18" leads
    • Adhesive and screw mount
    • Standard gap: 1" (25mm)
    • Switches or magnets are available separately
    • Available in open loop, closed loop and SPDT

    Magnetic Sensors/ Mount Magnetic Switches (Recessed)

    Approx Price: Rs 275 / Unit(s) 

    • 3/8" (9mm) Dia Press Fit
    • Operating Gap 5/8" (16mm) min.
    • 18" Long Wire Leads
    • ¾" Collar Flange for Better Retention

    IR-580P PLATO Pet-Immune Passive Detector

    Approx Price: Rs 2,300 / Unit(s) 

    The IR-580P PLATO is a passive infrared detector with pet-immunity detection. Utillizing IR-TEC patented Target Size Verification technology; this state-of-the-art motion detector is able to immune normal movement of domestic pet up to 20 kgs (45 LB). It shares the same housing with 580 series, system designer can easily select various model to harmonize the interior decor with consistent appearance. This detector provides every security professional the leading edges with its reliable detection in the intrusion detection of pet friendly areas.


    Target Size Verification (TSV) technologyExcellent RFI and EMI immunity Built-in temperature compensation Double noise reduction circuit Sealed optics mechanism design Disabled blue light walk test LED Second-to-none wiring space Selectable intelligent pulse count NC/NO selectable alarm output Up to 20 kgs pet immunity detection

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: IR-580P

    360 Degree Ceiling Mount PIR Sensor SR-613W

    Approx Price: Rs 750 / Piece(s) 

    Other Details:

    Fireproof ABC HousingLED ON/ OFF OptionalAutomatic Temperature CompensationSMT Adopted, Anti-RFI & Anti-EMIPulse Count OptionalAlarm Output N.C. / N.O. Optional


    Operating Voltage9 – 16 V DCConsumption CurrentLess than 18mA (12V DC)Operating Temperature- 10 to +50 degreeInstallation ModeCeiling MountInstallation Height1.7 ~3.6mDetection Distance8metersDetection Angle360 degreeAlarm OutputRelay output: N.O. / N.C. OptionalAnti-dismantle SwitchN.C.Dimension106 X 36mm

    PIR MW Dual Technology Detector DP-550

    Approx Price: Rs 4,500 / Unit(s) 
    PIR+MW Dual Technology Detector DP-550

    DP-550 is a compact PIR+MW dual technology detector with sleek appearance and superior reliability. This motion detector is a combination of passive infrared sensor and microwave sensor. The alarm signal is generated only when both sensors detect the intrusion at the same time. Therefore, the detection reliability is greater than single technology detector. This detector shares the same housing with other 550-series sensors. System designer can easily select various sensors to harmonize the interior decor with uniform appearance.


    • Advanced DRO microwave sensor
    • NC/NO selectable alarm output
    • Excellent look down detection
    • Motion signal discretion technology
    • Selectable pulse count PIR detection
    • Superior RFI and EMI protection
    • Adjustable microwave detection range
    • Temperature compensated PIR sensor
    • Fluorescent light interference filter circuit
    • Housing screw loosening tamper trigger

    Power Supply9 ~ 16VDC, 12VDC typical
    Current Drain30mA, @12VDC
    Infrared SensorDual element, high sensitivity, low noise
    Microwave SensorDRO type, patch antenna
    Detection Angle110 degree wide
    Detection Range15m @25° C
    Mounting Height2.0 ~ 2.4m, 2.4 ~ 3.6 m with bracket
    Alarm Period1.5 ~ 2.5sec.
    Alarm OutputNC/NO, 30 VDC, 0.2A
    Tamper ProtectionNC, housing screw loosening trigger
    Pulse Count2/3 selectable
    Temperature-20° C ~ 50° C (4° F ~ 122° F)
    Dimensions112 x 66 x 45mm

    Glass Break Sensor, Piezzo Type

    Approx Price: Rs 2,500 / Piece(s) 
    Other Details:

    • Piezoelectric Style.
    • No power supply is required.
    • Accurately and effectively detect the strike of
    • Comes with superior design for high performance
      and effective glass striking detection.
    • No false alarm signal will be generated from
      wrong vibration signal.
    • Unique circuit and structure designs provide greater stability against false alarms cause from any environmental vibration.


    PH30SA Single Photo Electric Beam Sensor

    Approx Price: Rs 4,800 / Unit(s) 
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)
    Specifications: • 30m single beam sensor, surface mount, • 10V-28V DC(non polarity) supply voltage, • Infrared photoelectric detection system, • horizontal & vertical angle alignment, • CE certificate, • IP55 approval.

    Twin Photo Electric Beam Sensor

    Approx Price: Rs 9,000 / Unit(s) 
    2PH-30DQ 30M Twin Photo Electric Beam Sensor


    • 30m twin beam sensor,
    • Protection range: 30m for outdoor, 60m for indoor,
    • supply Voltage 10.5V-30V DC (non polarity), Double modulation beam frequency,
    • High grade aspheric lens,
    • A.G.C. circuit,
    • Adjustable beam interruption period,
    • Static, lightning & surge protection,
    • CE certificate,
    • IP55 approval,
    • Rain, dust & insect protection.

    2PH-60DQ 60M Twin Photo Electric Beam Sensor

    Approx Price: Rs 9,000 / Unit(s) 
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit(s)


    60m twin beam sensor, Protection range: 60m for outdoor, 120m for indoor, Supply Voltage10.5V-30V DC (non polarity), Double modulation beam frequency, High grade aspheric lens, A.G.C. circuit, Adjustable beam interruption period, Static, lightning & surge protection, CE certificate, IP55 approval, Rain, dust & insect protection.

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: 2PH-60DQ

    Hooter Siren

    Approx Price: Rs 800 / Unit(s) 

    • Current: 300mA
    • Output: 120 dB
    • Color: Red/ White/ Black
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